Our Capability

Although we do not have our own testing facilities, we have build strategic partnerships with leading geotechnical and analytical laboratory testing facilities in the UK in order to carry out various geotechnical laboratory testing.

GEOLABS is one of the largest independent geotechnical soils, rocks and associated materials testing laboratories in the United Kingdom with in-house facilities that can perform a wide range of test procedures to British Standards and other National and International Standards.

The GEOLABS laboratories have been UKAS Accredited since 1999 and have held accreditation for effective stress testing since 2000.

Routine Testing

GEOLABS has extensive equipment resources to perform a wide range of testing of a routine nature (all BS1377 tests including classification, durability, compactions, CBR's, MCV's and total stress shear strength).

Routine testing also extends to consolidation testing, shear boxes, ring shears and permeability tests.

Rock Testing

GEOLABS facilities can perform: Unconfined Compressive Strength tests (which can include Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio determinations with load/unload cycles); Triaxial Compression Tests on rock cores; Swelling Strain and Swelling Index; Point Load; Slake Durability; Shore Scleroscope; Shearbox tests (on specimens up to 150mm diameter); Ultrasonic wave velocity; 10% Fines; and Aggregate Crushing Value, Mohs' Hardness values etc.

Effective Stress Tests & Advanced Testing

GEOLABS have facilities to run concurrently up to sixty effective stress triaxial tests on 38mm to 150mm diameter samples. These can have isotropic or anisotropic consolidation and drained or undrained loading conditions.

The facility also has high pressure cells and high pressure maintainers to allow tests to be undertaken with effective pressures in excess of 1000kPa and confining pressures of up to 3500kPa. Other advanced testing includes Stress Path Tests.

Analytical Laboratory Testing

We have strategic partnerships with a number of selected analytical laboratories who can provide a comprehensive service in soil and groundwater testing.

Most sites require an element of contamination testing to ensure that there are no contaminants present within the ground or groundwater. However, sites with known contamination or previous land use which could leave contaminants in the ground will have extensive analytical testing requirements to assess the location and concentrations of these contaminants.

We utilise the KeyLogbook system which creates bar coded sample labels on site. These can be attached to samples and can be scanned directly into the analytical labs LIMS systems to offer full chain of custody and prevent sample orphanage or lost samples.

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