Our Capability

Piezometers and standpipes are commonly installed by our drill crews to obtain groundwater measurements such as piezometric head or simple water levels.

Gas valves can also be installed at the top of some of these installations to allow gas monitoring and gas samples to be obtained by the team.

Larger diameter wells are also often used for water sampling and where boreholes are used in water well drilling, the combined S M Associates/Marriot team can install submersible pumps to abstract water and also to carry out Pumping Tests.

Our drill crews are also trained at installing inclinometers and extensometers which are used to monitor ground movement or displacement within the borehole.

Upon completion of each installation, our drill crew are very aware that a safe, clean and tidy site is left and the quality of the headworks installation is as important as the down hole installation. All waste and excess material is removed from site and disposed of in accordance with our ISO 14001 accredited procedures.

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