Efficient and thorough geotechnical investigations from us. Quality results and Client statisfaction for you.

We provide high quality specialist services for the geotechnical and associated industries focussing on high quality drilling, sampling and testing services.

No matter how big or small your project, we can help you. From our project management through to our sampling techniques – we can provide dynamic solutions to all of your most pressing Ground Investigation needs.

Our Drilling Fleet

Our fleet of multi-purpose Comacchio rotary drill rigs are all operated by highly experienced and NVQ Level 2 qualified Lead Drillers and supported by a team of Drilling Supervisors and experienced Project Managers.

All of our rotary rigs are equipped with the following:

  • Latest down hole equipment for in-situ testing and instrumentation.
  • Emission compliant Tier 4 engines for working in London and other major cities.
  • Sensor based rig guarding system, SAFER G, which allows increased productivity and guaranteed safety.
  • KeyLogbook digital data entry tablet technology to produce instant AGS data from site.


  • Automatic SPT Hammers and Automatic SPT Data Loggers with built in GPS to record the complete parameters of the entire SPT test.

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