Our Technology

Our team recognise the importance of providing data from site to the Designer as quickly as possible. Our site drilling and in situ testing teams use a state of the art tablet based logging system, KeyLogbook.

KeyLogbook is a revolutionary award winning digital logging system which uses the latest ruggedized tablet touchscreen technology.

The system records all site data at source and transmits it directly from site, saving time and money from the outset.

Immediate Data Availability

The use of KeyLogbook will allow both drilling data and in situ data to be transferred at the end of each shift.

This data can be downloaded on to memory stick or sent via email to any address. The data can also be uploaded to our FTP site so project teams can view or download from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The digital data can then be uploaded into an off the shelf geotechnical package such as gINT or HoleBASE SI which can then be used to produce engineering logs for the final reports.

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