Innovation and Safety Update

SMA have just received delivery of their first Tecop SPT TEC130. This will be fitted to the GEO 205 by JKS Boyles and is an automatic hydraulic SPT hammer. These will also be fitted to the GEO 305 and GEO… Continue Reading →

Challenging Contamination Works Completed

RPS Group recently commissioned S M Associates to complete a series of ground investigations in the North West. The multi-purpose rotary rigs were used to take high quality samples using push open tube thin wall samplers and Geobor S wireline… Continue Reading →

Successful Launch and Increased Capability

S M Associates launched on to the geotechnical drilling market at the end of 2016. The current capability of Comacchio GEO 205 and MC 450 will be complimented with two brand new rigs in March. The capability will be significantly… Continue Reading →